The how and why of Responsible AI


AI is the fastest growing technology sector in the world, valued at US$59.67 billion in 2021 and is estimated to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 39.4 percent to reach US$422.37 billion by 2028. AI is changing the way individuals, organisations, governments and society work and live. But will AI be ethical and how responsible will it be? And what does this even mean? Checkmate Humanity: the how and why of responsible AI sets out to answer these questions and maps the potential harms that AI may cause from individual harms right through to full existential risk. We introduce the world’s first taxonomy of AI harms and then offer solutions and recommendations so that we can build a Responsible AI future.

Essential reading for anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence|A comprehensive ‘how to’ Guide for Responsible AI

This book is the pre-eminent work on Responsible AI – what it is, why you need to know about it and how to do it. The authors are high profile activists in the Responsible AI field and bring their considerable experience to this book so that it is suitable for executives, boards, managers, leaders, academics, start-ups, investors, students and just about anyone who needs to know how to do AI responsibly.

Checkmate Humanity: the how and why of responsible AI is the first in a series of Checkmate Humanity books, the next one being focused on Checkmate Humanity: the metaverse

“AI systems are learning to master the game of humans. Researchers around the world are developing AI systems to out-think-us, out-negotiate us, and out-maneuver us. Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves?

We certainly can’t stop AI from getting more powerful. And while many are working to put safeguards in place, there’s a notable lack of urgency, especially in industry. Which is why this book, Checkmate Humanity, is so important – it clearly conveys the very real risks of AI and the urgent need for proactive measures.”

Louis Rosenberg

Louis Rosenberg, CEO & Chief Scientist, Unanimous AI

Checkmate Humanity is a resource that can help unlock the technical world of AI. The authors have come together with the aim of informing and guiding the wider public on the societal implications of AI. It offers a firm foundation of scientific fact and applies this to a range of threats and opportunities. As readers, we emerge better armed, and better informed, to face a world being fundamentally reshaped by AI.”

Louis Rosenberg

Ed Santow, Industry Professor – Responsible Technology at the University of Technology Sydney, previous Australian Human Rights Commissioner

“All AI strategies should have a Responsible AI-First approach and this book will guide you through how to do this”
Louis Rosenberg
Dr Catriona Wallace, Founder, Responsible Metaverse Alliance, Adj. Professor, UNSW

Written by

Sam Kirshner

Richard Vidgen

Catriona Wallace


Tiberio Caetano, Rumtin Sepasspour, Kimberlee Weatherall, Chris Dolman, Jenny L. Davis and Simon O’Callaghan.