Ethical AI – What are the Ethical AI toolkits?

An Ethical AI toolkit includes practical tools to design, deploy, measure and assess the effectiveness of the operationalisation of Ethical AI. A toolkit can make all the difference when it comes to the application of ethical principles.

Toolkits are practitioner-facing with a repeatable, manageable process. They are designed to assist an AI product developer to understand the implications of using an algorithm, clearly articulate the potential risks, and identify ways to mitigate them.

An effective toolkit will act as a process to elicit conversation that raises ethical awareness and encourages risk evaluation. Often a toolkit will walk the design and development team through a series of questions to help them understand any ethical risks posed by the product and then to identify what can be done to minimize those ethical risks.

A toolkit may also include a number of use cases that provide real-life scenarios detailing how specific ethical principles may be applied. For example, Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) released a Compendium of Use Cases that demonstrates how local and international organisations across different sectors and sizes implemented or aligned their AI governance practices with Singapore’s Model AI Governance Framework. The use cases also offer examples of how organisations have effectively put in place accountable AI governance practices and benefitted from the use of AI in their line of business.

Toolkits to enable organisations to best design and deploy an Ethical AI strategy may also include the following:

Risk Assessments – human, organisational, societal, governmental, environmental
Monitoring tools
Easy appeal mechanisms
Collaboration tools – intra and inter-organisational
Public consultation tools
Impact Assessments
Internal/External Reviews
Privacy Impact assessments
Evaluation metrics
Best practice guidelines
Data requirements
Prompts and processes for removing data bias
Legislation and regulation checklists
Safe use guidelines

At Ethical AI Advisory, we work with clients to design and develop bespoke Ethical AI Toolkits so that they may effectively deliver against an Ethical AI Framework.

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